Monday, 19 April 2010

B*!L@cks! Not again! City V Rags

Seconds to go and for the third time this season Utd pop one in. Cue the slamming of seats, my kids crying their eyes out again cos the rags have won again and another weekend ruined.

A pretty poor game all round and one that in the end we should in the end just looked to take a point from. Unfortunately Tevez, Adebayor and Bellamy didn't cause too many problems to United's well organised back four. Johnson struggled against a full back who was only too aware he was playing on the wrong wing and despite DJ and Barry's best efforts Scholes ran the game for yet another derby.

Absolutely gutted leaving the game but at least Chelsea should be able to keep up the pressure on the Reds and help us out with that 4th spot.

Fast Foward.....Saturday Evening.......B*!L@cks!

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

...and we're back

Not blogged for quite a while and no it wasn't because United beat us in the semis although ironically next game up is the Rags.

Sunday's game against Birmingham was undoubtedly one of the better performances we've had at Eastlands in the intervening months and once again it seems like Tevez is the catalyst for everything good we do. Although ably assisted by Bellamy, Adebayor and Johno there can be little doubt that when Carlos gets involved we move forward with far more purpose. 2-0 up and it looked like plain sailing though I did worry about how easily the defence fell asleep for their goal. Barry was impressive throughout and hopefully he'll take that form into the derby. In the end it was a comfortable victory that edged us further towards securing 4th place.

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

City 2 Utd 1

Not sure what to make of last night's performance. Was a bit disappointed with the way we played especially during first and last 20 minutes where we just constantly gave the ball away and let United dominate us but hey we got the win and have given ourselves more than a fighting chance in the second half at OT. I'm inclined to think this was what Mancini was planning for but it may be giving more credit than it deserves.

Carlos for one enjoyed himself and there was no better sight on the night than him sticking to Fergie's car washer Neville. Beginning to see why Vierra was bought as DJ and Barry both looked a little jaded to me and certainly didn't get in their faces as much as I expected (may be saving it for next week). Good performance by Bellamy who was back to being the pain in the arse we know he can be.

Last 20 (plus the statutory 5 minutes extra time that comes with all utd games) was a nightmare but we held on thanks to Given and some last ditch defending. Well done lads now let's finish the job there.

Monday, 18 January 2010

Everton 2 City 0

It was only a matter of time before Mancini suffered his first defeat and the media could once again give it the doom and gloom for City spiel. Shame it happened to happen in a week that saw Villa and Spurs draw and worse still to Everton who I have a particular dislike of (for no other reason that I can't stand Moyes and I don't really know why). By all accounts the team as a whole didn't show up, DJ and Barry were outgunned by Felliani and to compound this we gifted a needless free kick and penalty. The big news surrounds Robinho and his 'sub subbed' appearance which filled the Sunday papers.

Although Mancini naturally supported the player in his post match interview I think he must no doubt see what the vast majority of Blues see with Robinho, a hugely talented footballer who at times can't be arsed and who has not and will never be able to live with the rough and tough of Premiership football.

With the ball at his feet Robinho can be a sensation but as soon as a half decent opposition player applies any sort of physical pressure he simply can't hack it. Couple this with an appalling work rate and at you have periods in games where you are effectively playing with 10 men. I don't think Robinho should be made a scapegoat for the Everton game but his performance in this game is symptomatic of what we've seen at plenty of other games since his arrival, mainly away but increasingly at home as well.

Robinho arrived saying he wanted to prove himself as the world's best player, something he will never achieve as he simply doesn't have the mentality or application. The likes of Messi, Ronaldo, Zidane etc not only possessed god given talent but also know that you have to 'put it in', you have to track back, tackle, occassionally do the dirty stuff and help out a team-mate. Robinho is the most luxury of luxury players, capable of winning you a game and helping you lose a game in equal measure. For my money (and thank god it's not!) I'd get rid as soon as possible.

Monday, 11 January 2010

Is it April 1st?

Reports today suggest Portsmouth want £14m for Kaboul.

Vierra - Oh Oh or Oh No?

So Patrick has signed for an initial 6 months with 12 month extension option and is expected to go straight into the team for the visit of Blackburn (although I've heard this morning he's got a calf strain!!!!?). Based on a 6 month contract I think he's well worth a punt as long as his inclusion isn't at the cost of De Jong who's been exceptional this season and someone who has to be part of the backbone of the club in seasons to come.

With a wealth of experience (and of winning!) Mancini obviously thinks he can be an asset both on and off the pitch. If he could do six months of doing what Hamman did for us under Sven it could be a masterstroke. Okay there's some concerns about his fitness, compounded by half the old Arsenal side Dixon, Parlour, Adams et al having a dig ('cheers lads' says Patrick) but I can't see he's going to be the box to box player we knew at Arsenal but it could be he'll allow Barry to push forward more or supplement the likes of DJ/Barry so they can run themselves ragged for 70 minutes only for Viera to step in for the last 20 minutes. Only time will tell.

Monday, 4 January 2010

Middlesborough 0 Manchester City 1

FA Cup Third Round game and a potential banana skin for the new Manager. After 2 wins and 2 clean sheets the 'typical' City way would be to lose this one against a boro side struggling under Strachan. Despite a few changes brought on through injuries and attendance at the African Nations, City bossed the game in fact I can't remember Given making a save.

Another graduate of the academy Dedryck Boyata made his debut and in very promising style while Petrov continues to prove why he can play a key part in Mancini's plans. Another win, a goal from Benjani and yet again another clean sheet.

A new year, a new City? Wednesday night against a seriously upset Rag team (well done Leeds!) awaits.